Apple’s plans for an Apple Watch with micro-LED screen delayed until 2025 or beyond

In a new post on Twitter today, display analyst Ross Young says that Apple has delayed plans for an Apple Watch with micro-LED display to the second half of 2025 at the earliest.

He didn’t give a reason for the display, but the tech giant has been previously rumored to have been developing micro-LED technology since it acquired LuxVue in 2014 and planned initial application of micro LED panels to the Apple Watch Ultra in 2024-2025. Rumors also said that Apple expected to extend the tech to iPhone, iPad and MacBook eventually.

The article reiterated a previous prediction. According to a Feb. 1 report from TrendForce, Apple is expected to adopt micro-LED for its consumer electronic products in the close future. 

The article said the Apple Watch will likely be the first among Apple’s products to feature a micro-LED display, and the adoption is anticipated to occur in 2024. Then, during the period from 2026 to 2030, the application scope of micro-LED could expand to encompass AR headset displays, smartphone displays, automotive displays, etc.

TrendForce believes Apple will make a breakthrough for its smartwatch in 2024 by incorporating micro-LED. With this technology, the display of the Apple Watch could exceed two inches and achieve an even higher contrast level. Such improvements would satisfy the viewing needs of professionals and enthusiasts of various outdoor sporting activities, notes the research group.

What’s more, TrendForce said if Apple wants to release an AR headset or a pair of AR glasses that features a completely transparent display in the future, then micro-LED is most likely its first choice for the display technology. Regarding the smartphone market, most brands in the Android camp have made foldable OLED display a main design feature for their upcoming flagship models. 

Dennis Sellers
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