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In addition to the Google AdSense advertising you see scattered about on Apple World Today, we also offer four types of sponsor advertising:

  1. Sponsored Articles Written by AWT
  2. Publish Your Article (Upon Approval by AWT)
  3. Do-Follow Links in Existing Articles
  4. Sidebar Ads

Read on for details on what each type of advertising entails, and then order your advertising today!

Sponsored Articles

Want to get the word out about your product or service? Consider purchasing a sponsored article on Apple World Today. For just US$200:

  • We write, post, and publicize an article about your product on Apple World Today or can rewrite your content to match our site’s editorial voice.
  • Social media blasts about your product are published on the AWT Facebook and Twitter channels, and the Facebook post is boosted with a paid ad to ensure a larger audience.
  • We include any links you provide and love to talk up deals for our readers.
  • We add SEO keywords to ensure that people find the info about your product.
  • Your article stays on the website forever.

The result? Your message is in front of Apple World Today readers, the most dedicated Apple fans in the world! Order your sponsored article (or packages of two or three articles) below. Payment is made through Stripe, using either Pay or major credit/debit cards.

Purchase Sponsorships

  • Please type the name of the product(s) or service(s) we'll be writing about
  • Please select one of the options listed below. When you click "Purchase", you will be taken to a Stripe payment page. Apple World Today accepts payment from Apple Pay and most major credit/debit cards.

Publish Your Article

Have an article that is relevant to our readers that you’d like to have published on Apple World Today? We’ll post Your Article on the website (upon approval) for $150 per article, payable via Stripe through credit cards or Pay. We do not accept content about cryptocurrencies, gambling, or contains any adult themes.

If you purchase a content inclusion and we determine that your content is not in line with our editorial policies, your money will be refunded in full. Note that we reserve the right to edit your article for grammar and spelling.

Publish Your Article on AWT

Please upload the article you wish to have published on Apple World Today. For fastest service, please write your article in Pages or Word format with images embedded into it.
Drop files here or
Accepted file types: pages, doc, docx, jpg, png, gif, jpeg, Max. file size: 200 MB, Max. files: 5.

    Don’t need a full article about your product, but you’d like for Apple World Today to link to an article on a different website? Do-Follow Links are an inexpensive and effective way to direct traffic to your website. It’s just $10 per link. Here’s how it works:

    1. You find an Apple World Today post about a topic that could benefit from a link to your product or service
    2. Use the form below to send us order information, the URL of the Apple World Today post, and the URL you wish to link to (note that each link must be purchased separately)
    3. Pay via Stripe using Pay and most major credit/debit cards

    Purchase A Do-Follow Link

    • The URL (web address) of the Apple World Today post you wish to have your link embedded into:
    • Please enter the text in the Apple World Today post that you want us to apply the link to:
    • The URL (web address) of the page you wish to link to:
    • Price:
      You will be directed to a Stripe payment page, where you can purchase a single Do-Follow link. If you wish to purchase additional links, complete this transaction first and then purchase the additional links one at a time.

    Sidebar Ads

    Have a traditional sidebar ad you’d like to publish on Apple World Today? We charge only $100 a month to have your ad in the right sidebar. Traditional ad sizes accepted are:

    • 336 x 280 pixels (large rectangle)
    • 300 x 600 pixels (half page unit)
    • 300 x 250 pixels (medium rectangle)

    Pricing is the same for each ad size.

    If you are serving your advertisement, please enter the ad code into the appropriate section on the form below. If you would like for us to serve the advertisement, please upload the ad image and the web address where the ad should direct readers. Note that you may purchase multiple months of advertising in advance.

    Purchase A Sidebar Ad

    Enter the HTML ad code that will display the sidebar ad on Apple World Today
    Upload your ad image here in one of the three traditional sizes listed above.
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, Max. file size: 200 MB, Max. files: 5.
      Enter the web address you wish the ad to point to when clicked
      If you wish for your ad to run for more than one month, please enter that number in the Quantity field.
      Price: $100.00