Rivos, a chip company sued by Apple, is reportedly struggling to raise capital

According to The Information, Rivos, a server chip developer that Apple sued for alleged trade secret theft, has since struggled to raise funds from investors and recruit employees, its co-founders have told some staff.

Apple sued the startup last year after it hired numerous employees from Apple’s chip design unit. Rivos last week laid off nearly two dozen employees, 6% of staff, and its leaders made comments to remaining staff implying it had limited access to new capital. Its co-founders separately told some staff that Apple’s lawsuit against the company and several of its ex-Apple employees had affected its fundraising process, according to The Information. 

On August 14, it was reported by The Spokesman-Review that a US judge had cleared the way for Apple’s lawsuit against Rivos to move forward, saying Apple had “sufficiently identified” a trade secret it accuses Rivos of stealing, according to.

U.S. District Judge Edward Davila in San Jose said there was enough evidence of “sufficient harm” by Rivos and three former employees for the lawsuit to continue. The judge rejected Rivos’s request to dismiss a Defend Trade Secrets act claim as well as a breach of contract claim against five former Apple employees. Davila also allowed Apple to file amended claims.

Apple’s lawsuit — filed in May 2022 — says Mountain View, California-based Rivos has hired over 40 of its former employees in the past year to work on competing “system-on-chip” (SoC) technology, and that at least two former Apple engineers took gigabytes of confidential information with them to Rivos.

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  • What kind of reporting is this? Did you even read the ruling? The charges against Rivos was dismissed but this information is not found anywhere in your reporting.

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