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Resolution Games is Launching ‘Game Room’ for Apple Vision Pro on February 2

Resolution Games is launching Game Room for the Apple Vision Pro on February 2.

Resolution Games, the studio responsible for leading spatial gaming experiences including Demeo,Demeo Battles, Racket Club, Spatial Ops and Blaston, has announced that its first title for Apple Vision Pro will be available on February 2. 

Leveraging the powerful capabilities of Apple Vision Pro to transform the space around players and merge the physical and virtual worlds, Game Room brings to life realistic recreations of traditional tabletop classics such as Chess, Hearts, Solitaire, and more right into your own home with no cards or pieces required for unique and engaging gameplay experiences, according to Resolution Games CEO Tommy Palm.

“The most remarkable experiences in spatial computing are often the most familiar, and with the capability of Apple Vision Pro to deliver lifelike immersion in real world environments, Game Room has been designed to provide the most authentic digital game night to date to bring people from around the world together,” he adds. “The physically-based rendering that Apple Vision Pro supports allows for gaming experiences that are practically indistinguishable from their real world counterparts. By reproducing classic gaming pieces that everyone is familiar with, from playing cards to pawns, we’re excited to be able to showcase this incredible capability of Apple Vision Pro.”

Developed natively for Apple Vision Pro – and also playable for iPhone and iPad- Game Room takes advantage of visionOS, which features a brand-new three-dimensional user interface and input system controlled entirely by a user’s eyes, hands, and voice, ideal for tabletop gameplay and using your hands to pick up game pieces, cards and more. At launch, Game Room features a selection of the world’s most popular games — now brought to life with spatial computing:

  • Chess – the strategy board game of pawns and kings for two players (play with others in real-time or with turn based correspondence on your own schedule)
  • Solitaire – organize cards into ordered piles in the best-known version of solitaire
  • Hearts – a trick-taking card game of collecting suits and shooting the moon
  • Yacht – roll the dice and rack up the points in this six-sided twist on poker
  • Sea Battle – sink enemy ships before they sink yours

For multiplayer games, players can choose between connecting with real players through FaceTime using SharePlay (in which players can challenge their friends by initiating a FaceTime call via iMessage or from within the game), Game Center Friend Invites, or Game Center Quickmatch, or battle AI competition in Game Room’s selection of multiplayer card and tabletop games.

Game Room, which supports 1-4 players through online play, will be available February 2 on Apple Arcade for Apple Vision Pro as well as iPhone, and iPad as part of an Apple Arcade Subscription. All Apple Arcade games are ad-free and have no in-app purchases. And with Family Sharing, up to six people in the household can enjoy Apple Arcade at no additional cost. 

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