Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Apple may be developing its own health hardware products

Apple may be developing its own line of health hardware products, according to MyHealthyApple, referencing a new job posting for a senior EPM [engineer project manager’ manger for the Health Technologies team.

According to the posting, the EPM would be the key interface to the suppliers, driving build readiness at the factory and managing the build itself. Success is defined in terms of the quality and timeliness of the pre-production builds and the start of mass production.

The Sellers Research Group (that’s me) is a little skeptical that Apple will enter yet another product arena. Instead I think it will continue to promote the health features of the Apple Watch and, to a lesser degree, the iPhone. I also think it will continue to work with other companies as it has with:

° Eli Lilly (to determine whether health data from the iPhone and Apple Watch can detect early signs of dementia and later found that people with cognitive decline typed slower, sent fewer messages and relied more on support apps than the control group);

° Johnson & Johnson for a joint Heartline Study;

° Stanford Medicine (to build an app that connects first responders in California to drive-thru COVID-19 testing locations;

° Google (in developing a COVID-19 tracing app).

Of course, I could be wrong. Still, Apple scooped up Beddit, a sleep tracking hardware/software company in 2017, but still sells the company’s product such as the Sleep Monitor (pictured) under the Beddit name instead of branding ‘em with an Apple logo.

Dennis Sellers
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