Apple Store retail employees in New Jersey Vote Against Unionizing

Workers at the first unionized Apple retail store in the US are preparing for a strike sanction vote to address unresolved issues with management, reports AppleInsider.

According to Bloomberg, Apple retail employees in New Jersey have voted against unionization, the Communications Workers of America (CWA) said, calling this a setback for organizing efforts at the tech giant.

Employees at the store, located within a mall in upscale Short Hills, cast ballots Friday and Saturday in an election run by the US National Labor Relations Board. Following the defeat of the unionization effort in a vote by staff on May 11, the CWA blamed the defeat on Apple’s anti-union tactics.

Only two Apple Stores have successfully unionized so far (at Towson, Maryland, and Oklahoma City. Well, actually, workers at the latter voted to unionize, but haven’t reached a collective bargaining agreement with Apple.

Dennis Sellers
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