Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Alipay Now Allows Users to Link Alipay to Their Apple ID

China-based Alipay, an electronic wallet service, has launched a new feature for iPhone customers. 

The latest version of Alipay app allows them to to add Alipay to their Apple ID and complete payment authorization one-stop within the app. It’s the world’s first third-party payment app to launch this new feature to greatly optimize iPhone customers’ shopping experience, according to the folks at Alipay.

Updating to iOS 16.4 and later, iPhone customers can search for “Apple” in the Alipay app to enter the “Apple Zone”, add Alipay to their Apple ID and complete the payment authorization. This feature is available for users who have yet linked Alipay as the Apple ID payment method and takes three steps for users to get ready to pay for apps, games or in-app purchases, or subscribe to iCloud+ and Apple Music.

Users can manage their accounts from the “Apple Zone”, including setting monthly payment limits and checking up details of each purchase etc. This new feature will also soon be available in the AlipayHK app for Hong Kong customers.

Dennis Sellers
the authorDennis Sellers
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