Workstream 2K USB Webcam isn’t a must-have accessory for most folks

The US$34.95 Workstream 2K USB Webcam from Monoprice with an LED light ring and lens cover is a so-so webcam that will appeal to few folks.

It’s designed to help users stay connected while working remotely, distance learning, etc. It adds a camera to a desktop system and offers improved positioning and video fidelity compared to most built‑in laptop cameras.

Some folks wish the iMac, Mac laptops, and Studio Pro Display had 4K resolution rather than Full HD (1080p or 1920 x 1080 pixels which is fine for my uses. But if I were going to add a separate webcam, I’d go for one with 4K resolution such as the Logitech 4K Pro.

The Workstream USB Webcam falls somewhere between Full HD and 4K at 2K: 2592×1944 @30Hz (5MP) video quality. The video quality is good, but not good enough to convince me to add an extra accessory to my iMac or Studio Display. 

However, if a 2K webcam appeals to you, the Monoprice webcam can be mounted on top of a computer monitor or iMac, with a front lip that hooks on the top bezel and an adjustable clip to hold it steady. It can also be placed on any flat surface and can be attached to a standard tripod camera mount for other mounting options.

One sticking point (no pun intended) for me is that there’s no padding on the mount so your screen or iMac could get scratched. 

That said, the Workstream USB Webcam has some nice features. It includes a physical privacy lens cover (which you’ll have to manually apply). A built‑in LED ring light provides three levels of front lighting to fully illuminate people and objects in the camera view. The attached ring light has its own power button, so the camera can be used without the light if appropriate.

The camera features a standard USB connection to connect it to your computer. It requires no additional drivers when used with macOS, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10, Chrome OS, macOS, and Linux. 

The Workstream USB Webcam works well for its price. However, it doesn’t have enough “gotcha” features and has enough drawbacks that I won’t add it to my arsenal of computer accessories.

Apple World Today rating (out of 5 stars): ★★.5

Dennis Sellers
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