Mophie’s juice pack is a great accessory for iPhone users on-the-go

Mophie’s juice pack is a great accessory for iPhone users on-the-go.

My iPhone Pro 15 Max has very good battery life — it easily lasts all day (and more) under normal use — so I rarely have to worry about recharging. However, when I do need more juice — say, when I’m traveling —  mophie’s US$99.95  juice pack — gives me plenty.

The juice pack for the iPhone 11/13/14/15 models comes equipped with a 3,000m Ah integrated battery. Between its battery and my iPhone 15 Pro Max’s battery, I could easily go over 48 hours without a need to recharge. If listening to music, that dropped to about 43 hours, while constant video viewing drained both batteries in about 11 hours. Pretty impressive. 

What’s more the juice pack provides “priority charging,” which means that, during recharging, power is changed to the iPhone first, then the juice pack itself. LED power indicator lights show you the current battery level and charge status. And its standby/status button means you can power it down when you don’t need it, as well as check the battery level.

What’s more, the juice pack has a has a USB-C port you can use to plug your iPhone into other devices, channel a charge directly to your phone, or recharge the juice pack itself.

In addition to providing extra battery life, the mophie battery/case combo is relatively protective. Its internal rubberized support pads and raised corners help protect your expensive smartphone if you drop it or bang it against something. 

Despite all these features, the mophie product adds just 0.1 pound of weight to your iPhone. The only real issue I noticed is that the battery/case got a little warm when in use. Not hot, just warm enough to be disconcerting. 

Finally, I like the fact that the juice case is made of up-to-50% of post-consumer recycled plastic. If you’re constantly on the road or in the air, definitely consider adding this to your arsenal of iPhone accessories.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★ ★★

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