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VR Panda’s Halo Strap allows me to wear my Apple Vision Pro comfortably for a long time

VR Panda’s Halo Strap allows me to wear my Apple Vision Pro comfortably for a long time.

In my March 28 review of VR Panda’s US$19 Comfort Module accessory for the Apple Vision Pro, I noted that it didn’t do much to relieve the nose and cheek discomfort I feel when using the spatial computer. 

However, another VR Panda product addresses that discomfort and allows me to wear my Vision Pro for hours at a time. My discomfort in wearing the Vision Pro for long periods comes from the pressure on my nose, checkbones not from a sore neck as many have experienced.

However, VR Panda’s US$29 Halo Strap is the product I’ve been waiting for since buying the spatial computer. When wearing it, turn it upwards (as pictured below) below to eliminate the pressure of the Vision Pro’s face cover on the cheekbones of the face and achieve optimal comfort.


A halo strap design refers to a headset with a top ring that rests on the top of your forehand. It loops around the circumference of your head. It takes the pressure of the Vision Pro visor off of the front of your face and nose — and better distributes the overall weight of the headset across your entire head. You can use the Halo Strap with or without a face cover

There’s a dial at the back to lengthen and shorten that loop to find the best fit for you. A air of hinges in the middle of the loop allow you to adjust the angle of the back half. The Halo Strap allows the back of the ring to sit where you’d like it to on the back of your noggin. And it has some attachable pads that help cushion your nose and cheekbones while wearing the spatial computer. Sweet!

However, there are some caveats if you’re thinking of ordering a Halo Strap. One: it adds even more heft to the Vision Pro. Two: it’s a bit tricky to assemble. Three: the lens cover that comes with the Vision Pro doesn’t fit as snugly with the Halo Strap installed. Four: if you think the Vision Pro itself messes up your hair, well, just wait.

However, I’m willing to over the VR Panda’s product shortcomings because of the additional comfort it provides. 

Apple World Today rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★★

Dennis Sellers
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