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Upcoming iOS 11.3 Update doesn’t fix the iPhone X/Apple Pay Suica glitch

Apple Pay Suica Express Transit error problems are still plaguing Japanese iPhone X users and the iOS 11.3 Update (currently in beta testing) doesn’t fix the glitch, according to an Ata Distance report.

The problem: when owners attempt to employ Apple Pay’s NFC functionality at transit terminals in Japan, they receive error messages and/or system failures. Also, there’s no way for Japanese customers to confirm or debug the issue at the Genius Bar or with Apple Tech support. The issue can only be confirmed at the nearest JR East station transit gate. Japanese iPhone X customers who contact Apple tech support are told that the error flicker issue doesn’t exist, according to Ata Distance

It’s unclear whether this is a software or hardware issue  — though it only happens with the iPhone X. And, strangely, not all users are affected.

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