Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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Travel without worry with these Twist World Charging Stations & save an addition 15%

Do you do international travel for business or pleasure? If you do, and if you go to a large variety of countries, you probably know what a hassle it can be to not have the correct plug for the outlets in a particular country. The Twist Plus World Charging Station and Twist World Charging Station sell for $31.99 each, but you can save an additional 15% using code SAVE15 in the Apple World Today Deals Shop through 10/29

What’s the difference between these two products? The Twist Plus World Charging Station is designed to be used with a MacBook/Air/Pro power adapter by removing the “duck head” plug and replacing it with the World Charging Station. Immediately, you can plug in your MacBook for charging in more than 150 countries, and have four USB ports available to charge your other devices. It comes in black, white and yellow. 

The Twist World Charging Station is for those who just need to keep their non-MacBook devices charged up. Plug it into a wall socket in over 150 countries, and have four USB ports available for charging your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and more. It’s available in black and white.

The normal price on these Charging Stations is $31.99 each, but you can take 15% off that price and bring the price down to $27.19 each by using code SAVE15 during checkout. In fact, that code works for any other gear and gadgets, so be sure to look around the store before next Sunday, October 29. 

Steve Sande
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