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The magHANDL-O is designed to deal with ‘smartphone pinky syndrome’

I don’t suffer from “smartphone pinky syndrome” (more on this below), but if I did the magHANDL-O could be worth its US$19.99 price tag. 

I don’t suffer from “smartphone pinky syndrome” (more on this below), but if I did the magHANDL-O could be worth its US$19.99-$29.99 price tag. 

The magnetic phone grip and stand boasts an ergonomic design designed to enhance usability, provide a secure hold and convenient viewing angle. It comes in an array of stylish finishes to accessorizes your iPhone like jewelry. The Black Leather magHANDNL O and Carbon Fiber magHNDNL O are appealing to me, but other models — such as Gold Gator, Gold Sparkl, Jewel Cheetah, and Pearl Earring — are just too flashy for me.

That said, you can take off your HANDL to wirelessly charge or switch styles to match your mood or outfit. The magHANDL O combines magnetic force with microsuction material and can connect directly to your magSafe compatible phone or case..

All magHANDL O products feature Popl Digital Business Card technology. Just tap your magHANDL O to the back of a compatible phone to share contact information, social media links, digital payment information, etc.

There’s no cost to set up and use a Popl profile. Simply download the Popl app in the Apple App Store to set up and configure your magHANDL O with Popl (for more info go to

So what is “smartphone pinky syndrome”? Our hands are not meant to hold a mobile phone for long periods of time, so we tend to use our pinky as a phone stand. This can create a dent and possible contribute to carpel tunnel syndrome. To read more, check out these two articles: and

If you think you have have (or could eventually have) “smartphone pinky syndrome” or just want a hone grip and stand, check out the magHANDL O.

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