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The DockAll D100 is a good combo Qi wireless charger and speaker

If you can’t wait for Apple’s AirPower — due in “early 2018” — Azpen’s DockAll D100 Qi Wireless Charger may fit your needs. Not only is it compatible with cell phones and tablets up to 13-inches tall, it packs a dual-channel 4.0 Bluetooth speaker system. 

The D100 is compatible with the new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X. It features built-in Qi wireless charging with 5-watt Tri-Coil technology and wired charging via two full-size USB charging ports. This means you can use it with your iPad via a Lightning-to-USB connector since the Apple tablets don’t support wireless charging (yet).

The Dockall Qi default layout is configured for the Samsung S7. All other devices might need to be placed at different angles for optimal charging speeds. Also, and unfortunately, the Dockall D100 doesn’t support “fast charging.”

Other convenient features include a (up to 64GB) MicroSD card slot for direct playback of music; audio support for MP3, WWA, and WAV; a built-in microphone for speakerphone capability; an ambient LED light; capacitive-touch front-panel phone and music controls; and rubberized finish with slip-resistant pads. 

The speaker quality is good for a unit this size, though the bass is (unsurprisingly) a little weak. On a brighter note, the DockAll D100 will remember and recognize your phone when it’s in range. So after your initial pairing, all you have to do is turn the speaker on, and you’re ready to listen.

However, sometimes the Bluetooth functionality for the speakerphone failed. I had to power the D100 off, then on again, to get it working.

The D100 charges at an upright viewing angle, so you can view your iPhone’s screen while it’s charging. It has an attractive design and is easy to set up.

The DockAll is an easy-to-use, stylish docking station that can help reduce cord cutter. And the fact that it sports an adequate speaker system makes it an even better device for the price. The D100 has a suggested retail price of $52.50. It’s available online at Sam’s Club.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★

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