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Six companies top Apple in Laptop Mag’s list of Best Laptop Brands

Lenovo is rated the best laptop brand for a second year in a row by Laptop Mag, which released its annual Best and Worst Laptop Brands rankings today. HP and Dell followed closely behind Lenovo in second and third place, respectively.

Crowd favorite Apple, which used to dominate this contest, continues to tumble, coming in seventh place this year after it ranked fifth last year. (Samsung and MSI tied for last place.) A full list of the rankings is available here.

Each year since 2010, Laptop Mag has published its Best and Worst Laptop Brands list, which rates the top 10 major manufacturers. Each laptop brand is assigned a score based on a 100-point scale. Points are awarded in five categories: Design, Reviews, Tech Support and Warranty, Innovation, and Value and Selection.

Here’s what Laptop Mag has to say about Apple: 

Once the king of laptops, Apple slid to fifth place in 2017 and fell even further, to seventh, this year. That continued slide should come as little surprise, though, as Apple’s MacBooks stayed the same as last year’s models, aside from some small boosts.

The company still hasn’t offered customers a respectable notebook for under a grand (the aging MacBook Air doesn’t count), and a continuing lack of touch screens makes these Macs feel antiquated.

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