Setapp’s Mac Apps Report 2023 Reveals 42% of Mac Users Embrace AI Apps

Setapp, the curated app subscription service for macOS and iOS by MacPaw, has released its 3rd annual Mac Apps Report. The report collected responses from 1,241 Mac users, mostly in the US, about their relationships with software, AI adoption, the importance of the M1/M2 chip support, and what apps are considered vital.

According to the report, an average Mac user has 51 installed applications, while up to 15 apps are used daily. Browser apps, Microsoft and Google Office tools, and Adobe software are most often named as vital apps. Among other essential apps, Mac users mention apps for productive work, such as Spark, Zoom, 1Password, Slack, and others. 

When considering getting a new app, Mac users tend to pay attention to the price and features an app has. The top reasons to hold off a purchase include bad reviews and doubts about regular use.

The Setup report findings highlight that 42% of respondents use AI-based apps daily. And 63% of AI-based app users believe AI tools are more beneficial.

“Our latest Mac Developer Survey showed that 44% of Mac developers have already implemented AI/ML models in their apps, while 28% are working on it. We see how AI is transforming the app’s usage experience by providing additional user assistance,” says Mykola Savin, product lead of Setapp. “At Setapp, we also witness a great adoption of AI tools and the features we implement on the platform. Maybe not everyone succeeds with AI on the first try. But when they do, they tend to use those features repeatedly.”

The report says that 83% of Mac users have paid for Mac software the previous month. When it comes to payment models, the respondents prefer subscriptions as they allow users to stop using an app or paying for it anytime. In comparison, one-time app purchases are considered to be more cost-effective.

Mac s are mostly chosen for their better performance, reliability, and the macOS operating system itself. The most popular Mac device is the MacBook Pro. 70% of respondents have a Mac with an M1/M2 chip. The full report is available at

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