Report: Apple best among six IT brands studied when it comes to climate progress and commitments

Apple is the best among six IT brands studied when it comes to climate progress and commitments, according to Stand.Earth's "Pathways to Decarbonization" report.

Apple is the best among six IT brands studied when it comes to climate progress and commitments, according to Stand.Earth’s “Pathways to Decarbonization” report.

Stand.Earth is an organization dedicated to delivering “large-scale solutions to climate and environmental problems worldwide.” Following are some highlights of the company’s report: 

Decarbonization and Energy Transition Plan

Among the six IT brands examined, five have publicly declared 2030 climate commitments — each with varying degrees of effectiveness — to reduce GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions related to their operations. Furthermore, they have instituted plans to curtail absolute GHG emissions within their supply chains, albeit with differing levels of ambition.

All six brands have made clear plans on the use of renewable energy in self-operated stores and facilities. Among them, Apple has generated or sourced enough renewable electricity to match 100% of electricity demand for its corporate operations since 2018. Among the six brands examined, it’s the only company that has a 100% renewable electricity target in its supply chain.

Supple chain engagement

Five out of six brands have taken measures to intervene with suppliers by providing training, incentives, and other financial support. Apple, Dell and Google have reported providing training to their suppliers; Dell, Google and HP have reported helping their suppliers set climate targets. 

According to a recently released report by Apple, more than 300 manufacturers have committed to using 100% clean energy for Apple production by 2030 as of September 2023,5 contributing to Apple’s goal to be carbon neutral across every product by the end of the decade.

Energy Transition

Among the six brands, Apple, Dell, HP, and Google have disclosed information regarding the procurement of renewable energy within their supply chains, each to varying extents. In a recently released Sustainable Impact Report, HP disclosed 100% of tier 1 suppliers’ energy use and the percentage of renewable energy used in HP’s production from 2019 to 2021.

Apple also disclosed its renewable energy capacity and renewable energy use in its supply chain over the past five years. To accelerate corporate clean energy sourcing and decarbonize electrical grids, Apple and Google have reported joining the Asia Clean Energy Coalition.

Greenhouse Gas Emission Management

By setting clear climate targets and engaging with suppliers, Apple and HP have shown a downward trend in GHG emissions relating to purchased products and services. 

Despite setting supply chain decarbonization targets, Microsoft and Dell had significant increases in emissions relating to purchased products and services.

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