Reports of AirPod Scams From Major Retailers Are On the Rise

This image is courtesy of FreePik.

If you’re in the market for a new pair of AirPods, you might want to think twice before heading to Walmart, Costco, or Target. 

Recent Reddit posts have revealed a troubling trend of customers receiving fake or tampered products when purchasing AirPods and other devices from these retailers, reports Headphonesty.

Many customers have also reported similar incidents when buying high-value items like AirPods, iPads, gaming consoles, and other electronics from major retailers. They shared experiences with Headphonesty of receiving opened boxes or missing parts when purchasing from retailers like Amazon and Target. Other key notes from the report:

° According to a Target employee, scammers can easily rewrap items to make them look unopened. This makes it hard for retailers to spot tampered products. 

° Some users also reported receiving used or broken items when buying electronics from retailers.

° The issue seems to come from two main sources: return fraud by scammers and theft by employees in the distribution chain.

° Theft by employees in the distribution chain, particularly those working for shipping companies like UPS, has also been identified as a contributing factor by some users.

To avoid risks when buying high-value electronics, consumers are advised to purchase them from the manufacturer whenever possible.

Dennis Sellers
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