Porsche CarPlay models in U.S. are adopting CarPlay’s Apple Maps EV routing

As noted by MacRumors, Porsche has announced that Taycan models in the U.S. are adopting Apple Maps EV routing in CarPlay, a feature that will direct Taycan owners to nearby electric vehicle charging facilities.

CarPlay is Apple’s tech that allows a car radio or head unit to be a display and controller for iPhones (model 5 and later) running iOS 7.1 or later. It’s now available in more than 800 vehicle models sold in the U.S., according to a page on Apple’s website

The Apple Maps EV Routing option will allow Taycan users to plan travel routes that include stops for charging. Before now, Taycan owners had to exit out of ‌CarPlay‌ in order to create a route that included charging stops.

Apple plans to mass produce its own microLED displays in order to lessen its reliance on Samsung and increase its own control over supply, reports Nikkei Asia.

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