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Pay What YOU Want for these 15 Mac apps in our Daily Deal

What’s better than a deal on 15 top Mac apps? How about a deal where YOU decide how much you want to pay for those Mac apps? That’s the idea behind our Pay What You Want deals, and this week we’re offering what we call The World’s Biggest Mac App Bundle. With the deal, you get 15 apps worth $604, and you decide what to pay.

Choose to pay an amount less than the average price paid, you get 13 of the 15 apps — the only two you won’t receive are Tembo and Dropzone 3. Beat the average price, you get all 15 apps. And if you beat the Leader’s price, you get entered into our fun summer giveaway!

Here are the apps you can get:

Data Rescue 4

Data Rescue 4 (Standard Version) is the gold-standard when it comes to data recovery for your Mac. With Data Rescue 4 for Mac, you’ll be able to recover your photos, videos and documents after a hard drive crash or a reinstallation of your OS. You can even recover files after you mistakenly delete them. A $99 value!

CrossOver 16

Data Rescue 4 (Standard Version) is the gold-standard when it comes to data recovery for your Mac. With Data Rescue 4 for Mac, you’ll be able to recover your photos, videos and documents after a hard drive crash or a reinstallation of your OS. You can even recover files after you mistakenly delete them. It’s a $39.95 value.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Mac

You should be backing up your Mac. That’s just a fact. Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Mac is the ideal system and data management solution for Mac, offering powerful backup and flexible recovery functions, so if you are unfortunate enough to be caught up in a ransomware scam, you can just say, “I’m good.” Hard Disk Manager even gives you everything you need for perfect partitioning, reliable data wiping, and much more. You’d normally pay $39.95 for Paragon Hard Disk Manager alone…

Sid Meier’s Civilization V

The classic turn-based strategy game is reinvigorated with Civilization V, built from the ground-up with an astonishing new engine. Players are introduced to a new combat system, deeper diplomatic interactions, and a cavalcade of expanded features that deliver a fully immersive experience. Conquer your friends and conquer the world through diplomacy, warfare, and strategy. Worth $29.99 on its own.

Radio Silence

Apps can be sneaky buggers. Most apps will regularly make unwanted network connections behind the scenes to relay data back home, sucking bandwidth and incurring data charges. With Radio Silence you can keep a list of apps that aren’t allowed to go online, thereby protecting your privacy, saving your battery, and saving your money. $9 to keep your privacy safe? It’s worth it!

MacPilot 9

Few Mac owners ever harness the full potential of their devices, but you can avoid this fate with MacPilot 9. Unlock over 1,200 less-known features and easily control them using the Mac UI instead of command line tools or file operations. From displaying hidden files in Finder to tweaking your Dock’s appearance, you’ll soon be able to easily access your Mac’s untapped power. You may pay less than the $29.95 MacPilot 9 price for all 15 of these great apps.


Have a bunch of photos that you’d like to watermark, resize, or optimize? With Eltima Software’s PhotoBulk, you can! PhotoBulk is the simple image editor for Mac that lets you perform various types of batch editing, from adding watermarks to optimizing and resizing images. With excellent bulk power, you can generate mass changes with just a few clicks, greatly simplifying once time-consuming projects. It’s normally sold for $19.95

Movavi Mac Cleaner

Ever seen that “startup disk is almost full” window pop up, and then go about cleaning out your big files? That’s a very, very limited solution. Run Movavi Mac Cleaner and you’ll be amazed how many unnecessary cache files, logs, app localizations, and image files have been clogging up your Mac. This software is smart enough to identify the files that can safely be deleted, plus it will protect your computer from viruses and network attacks. Want to keep that startup disk window at bay? Clean your Mac with Movavi Mac Cleaner. You’d normally pay $39.95 for just this app.

Mac Blu-Ray Player Pro

Got a stack of Blu-rays collecting dust in your room? Using Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player, you’ll finally be able to play them—as well as any DVDs or a number of different media files—in 1080p HD quality. With the ability to run efficiently without straining your CPU, as well as support for the original Blu-ray menu, this premium app will allow you to take your media consumption game to the next level. This app is usually $79.95; you can get it and up to 14 more Mac apps at a price of your choice.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro

Watch your favorite DVD on your iPad (or other mobile device) without buying an additional digital copy thanks to this convenient software. MacX DVD Ripper is the fastest DVD ripper for Mac and even supports batch converting for multiple videos at once. Why pay $59.95 for this app when you can pay less and get more apps?


You go through a lot of information in your day to day, and you can’t always process everything immediately. You need to refer to some stuff later. Recipes, directions, important emails, gifts – whatever! Caboodle is a tool to help you store and organize such varied, important info to easily access later. Whether you want to shorthand reminders in a structure like a phonebook or fill out an entire paragraph’s worth of reminders, Caboodle lets you organize yourself in any way you please. A $19.99 value and it’s up to you what you want to pay!


We’re not all numbers people, and Soulver sympathizes. Soulver helps you do quick calculations and work things out more quickly than a spreadsheet and smarter than a traditional calculator. Just type your problems as you would on paper and Soulver will calculate your answer as you type. You can do calculations over multiple lines, annotate with words, add percentages, and much more, making it like you’re having a real conversation. Except you’ll get a right answer. An $11.99 value and worth every penny.

Master Your Mac: El Capitan and Sierra Masterclass

You use a Mac, sure, but how much do you really know about it? Apple computer have complex yet versatile software installed on them, and this course will show you some of the intricacies of that El Capitan and Sierra operating software. Learn valuable productivity hacks that will make your Mac experience better and help you care for it long term. This $99 value is yours for whatever you decide to pay for it!


Pay more than the average price of the bundle and Tembo is activated. Tembo is an efficient search tool that is based upon the Spotlight engine. It makes searching (and finding) files, mail messages, bookmarks, and just about anything better! It does this by grouping search results by file type categories and displaying the top 10 matches for each active group. Once in a group, you can drill down to reveal up to 2,500 results before narrowing to find exactly from what you’re looking for. If you want more from Spotlight, Tembo is your answer! Normally $15, you can pay less and get the entire bundle.

Dropzone 3

When you’re working between several apps and windows, you waste tons of time just trying to navigate your desktop. With Dropzone 3, you can perform all of those functions simply by dragging to the top of your screen. Dropzone is like Finder on steroids. Simply drag a file to the top of your screen and drop the file into the right folder, app, or action icon in the grid that pops out. No need to open multiple, excessive windows—it’s as easy as drag and drop. A $9.99 value.

Our Pay What You Want deals don’t last long, so get it while you can. 

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