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OWC announces SSD upgrades for select Mac laptops

OWC has announced its new line of Aura Pro X2 SSDs for select MacBook Pro Retina, MacBook Air, Mac Mini and Mac Pro models. They’re available in capacities up to 2TB.

With read speeds reaching over 3200MB/s and write speeds of 2400MB/s, the Aura Pro X2 delivers performance on par with Apple’s latest models, says OWC CEO Larry O’Connor. Even at double the original speed, the new lineup runs cooler and consumes less power, which is a significant benefit for longer battery life on the road for those upgrading MacBook Pros, he adds.

The Aura Pro X2 lineup is available for MacBook Air (Mid-2013 to 2017), MacBook Pro (Retina, Late 2013 to Mid 2015), Mac Pro (2013/Current Model) and Mac mini (Late 2014) models. It utilizes the latest Flash NAND and controller capabilities from new OWC designs. 

Aura Pro X2 SSD upgrade kits come with Envoy Pro, a SSD enclosure to reusing your laptop’s original drive. When you remove your factory SSD, it fits into Envoy Pro so you can transfer all your data to the new Aura Pro X2 inside your notebook. The entire lineup of Aura Pro X2 SSD upgrade kits are backed by a five-year OWC Limited Warranty and are available now at as follows:

  • 240GB SSD – $119.99;

  • 480GB SSD – $179.99 (compares to $400 Apple factory upgrade 128GB to 512GB);

  • 1TB SSD – $299.99 (compares to $800 Apple factory upgrade 128GB to 1TB); 2TB SSD – $699.99 (compares to $1200 Apple factory upgrade 256GB to 2TB)

For customers who are seeking additional savings, OWC offers a trade-in rebate  on original, unaltered, Apple and OWC brand drives.

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