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Montar car mount can help prevent iPhone distractions when you’re behind the wheel

Anyone driving with their smartphone plastered to their ear or glancing at the screen is just asking for disaster for themselves and others. Thankfully, car mounts can help with such situations if used carefully. The $29.99 Montar car mount is as good as any I’ve tried.

It has the option to hold your iPhone in horizontal or parallel position. It works with most cases, including Apple’s Leather Sleeve for the iPhone X. And it sports a 3M sticky bottom and a suction cup, which offers double protection to keep your expensive smartphone from hitting the floor or flying across the car when you hit the brakes or take a sharp turn.

I’ve been using the Montar care mount for a week, including a  five-hour round trip over the Thanksgiving holiday. And it worked well EXCEPT for the first time I placed it on my dashboard. Five minutes into a drive, it fell off the dashboard and onto the passenger seat.

I repositioned the Montar further up the dashboard and have had no problems since. It also seems to work well if strategically placed on the windshield. However, that one incident doesn’t make a bit leery. It was probably “user error,” but still….

That said, the car mount is useful or accessing music without difficulty, hearing conversations better, and, especially, using the iPhone as as GPS.

Dennis Sellers
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