Learn How To Screenshot Instagram Story Without Them Knowing

Taking a screenshot on Instagram and getting the other person notified may be among the most embarrassing things one can go through. If you’re stalking someone and do not want the other person to see your name under their story views, we can help. Read and learn how to screenshot an Instagram story without them knowing.

When Does Instagram Notify the Sender About the Screenshot?

If you screenshot a Direct Message(DM) or an Instagram post, no notification will be sent to the user. Instagram only notifies the sender about the screenshot for messages in vanish mode and disappearing photos and videos in the DMs.

Apart from this, the app does not send screenshot notifications. If you take screenshots of someone’s story, the user won’t be notified, but your name will appear on the story views. If you wish to prevent your name from popping up, take the screenshot in Airplane mode or a mirroring app.

We’ll answer your doubts about whether can you screenshot Instagram stories without them knowing in the next section.

3 Ways to Screenshot Instagram Story Without Them Knowing

Here are three solutions to how to ss on Instagram without them knowing:

Method #1: Screenshot with Airplane Mode.

Let the stories get downloaded on your phone before turning on airplane mode. After switching your mobile to Airplane mode, take a screenshot. The user won’t be notified about the screenshot as the phone is not connected to the internet.

Method #2: Use a screen recorder app.

Use your Android or iPhone’s screen recording feature to take a video as you open the story or photos in DMs. When you’re done with screen recording, open the video and take screenshots of the desired photos.

Method #3: Use a mirroring app.

You can use the mirroring feature to take a screenshot on Instagram without them knowing. Download a mirroring application like the spyx app on your phone and cast it on another device, such as a laptop or tablet.

Open the one-view message or photo on your phone and take a screenshot of the mirrored screen on another device. Another idea is to use another phone to photograph the screen; however, it won’t be high quality.

How can mSpy Help In Taking Instagram Screenshots?

mSpy is a popular phone monitoring app that gives you full access to the device. Whether you want to confirm a partner’s loyalty or restrict a kid’s phone use, mSpy comes in handy for parental monitoring. It can also be the solution if you wish to screen record on ig without them knowing.

Once you can access the target phone, mSpy will share snapshots of notifications, chats, photos, and videos using the screen recording function.

Features of mSpy:

  • Keylogger: You may use the Keylogger feature to read the captions from one-time Instagram photos and videos.
  • Automated screenshots: The mSpy app can take quiet screenshots as the new message appears on the target phone’s Instagram.
  • Mirror phone: Install the app in 5-10 minutes on the targeted phone and access Instagram and other apps from your phone. When accessing the phone, screenshot an Instagram without notifying the sender.
  • Track unsent messages: The app keeps a record of unsent and deleted messages on Instagram with the help of a keylogger.


Here are all the details on how to screenshot an Instagram story without them knowing. You may take a screenshot on airplane mode or through another phone. Another method may be to screen-record and take screenshots from that video. The best method is to use mSpy, which allows app mirroring while giving access to someone’s Instagram account.

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