Know why you must launch an iOS app for your business

Android and iOS are the two most popular mobile operating systems in the world. While Android holds 71.45%, iOS holds 27.83% share of the global mobile operating system market. Their combined share stands at more than 99% of the total market with around five billion users across the globe.

Due to Android’s larger share, many businesses often overlook the importance of iOS apps. The high costs involved in custom iOS app development can also be blamed for the same. However, creating an iOS app for your business is highly significant and essential to keep up with the competition and the trends of the market. 

Despite having a smaller usage share, iOS apps generate more revenue than Android apps and can be financially more rewarding. For instance, iOS apps bring in around two times more revenue through paid apps, in-app purchases, and other app-based sales. Therefore, targeting the iOS user base is as important as Android or any other mobile or web platform. 

If you are worried about the challenges of development, you can refer to AppMySite’s guide on how to build an app,for both Android and iOS. Also, stay tuned and discover the advantages of creating an iOS app for your business in detail. 

The benefits of creating an iOS app for your business

Now that you have an idea of the importance of iOS apps, let us elaborate it furthermore. Launching an iOS app for your business can have several benefits. Some of the advantages are as discussed below: 

Favorable & targeted customer base: 

The iOS app market is not fragmented like Android. It is quite kindred and thus it becomes easier to understand your audience and launch features, marketing campaigns and updates for them. The Apple customer base is also quite esoteric and tech savvy and is highly likely to embrace new features and technologies. Additionally, the iOS user strength is also higher in developed countries like the United States, Canada, and Australia. Therefore, if this is your targeted demography then you must create an iOS app for your business. 

Higher customer spending share: 

Apple customers are known to spend more than Android users. This has been the reason why Apple App Store has been generating more revenue year-on-year than Google Play Store. Therefore, if you are planning to launch paid apps, or apps with on-site subscriptions and purchases, then launching iOS apps can be more beneficial for you. You will be able to earn higher revenues through apps with much ease. 

Unmatched security standards:

Apple is known for robust security and performance. If your business requires customers to share sensitive information or you want that extra assurance of privacy and security, then iOS apps are the best for you. As iPhone users are effectively protected against malware, virus, and other attacks, you need not worry much about the safety and security of your app. Apple will provide ample security against data duplication and theft and ensure data privacy and protection. 

Appealing aesthetics & functionality: 

Apple is synonymous with strong brand values. It focuses highly on making its hardware and software both aesthetic and highly functional. This is one of the main reasons why Apple products and apps go through such rigorous testing and screening. As a result, the apps are pushed to meet certain standards of performance, looks, and feel. This eventually leads to improvised and enhanced customer experiences and ultimately contributes to better revenue and ROI (Return on Investment). 

Enhanced customer experiences:

Apple is impeccable when it comes to customer experience. From flawless hardware and software to incredible support, iPhone users get everything. As most of the things are managed under the hood, even a little effort in enhancing your app UI and UX goes a long way. The special emphasis on customer experience helps businesses in eliminating any shortcomings and offering the best to their end users. This in turn enhances your engagement and gives a boost to app tractions. 

These are some of the many benefits of launching an iOS app for your brand or business. Clearly, Apple is a viable platform for launching any kind of application as it offers a robust and scalable infrastructure. You can also launch your own iPhone app and leverage these benefits for your business. 

Launch an iOS app of your own and grow your reach

Intrigued? Well, you should be. While creating a website is great for the exposure of your business on the web, you must launch Android and iOS apps for turning your visitors into customers and retaining them.

You can hire developers or agencies and get your app developed for you. However, this can take a few weeks or months and cost you big money. If you want a more cost-effective and faster solution, then you can build your own app with a no-code and DIY tool like AppMySite’s iPhone app builder. Here you can build and preview your apps for free and manage everything from development to deployment on your own.

Once your iOS app is available for users to download on the Apple App Store, you can go ahead and promote it. Inspire users to install and use your app and grow the retention rate and revenue for your business. Reach Apple users on their smartphones and give them one-touch access to your products and services. Launch your app and unlock new opportunities now! 

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