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It’s Apple vs. Android all over again — except this time, with VR headsets

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It’s Apple vs. Android all over again — except this time, with VR headsets: the Apple Vision Pro vs. Meta Quest devices.

Meta announced on Monday that it will partner with external hardware companies, including Lenovo, Microsoft and Asus, to build virtual reality headsets using the company’s Meta Horizon operating system. The move will create new hardware devices that run on the same OS and software as Meta’s preexisting VR devices, including the Quest 3 and Quest Pro.

 “This is a huge moment and announcement for developers and the industry as a whole,” said VRdirect founder and CEO Rolf Illenberger. “There’s a new level of clarity and a road map going forward based on two prevailing OS options that mimic what already exists in the mobile space.”

The other is, of course, visionOS for the Apple Vision Pro. Now that software will be developed, like it currently is for mobile, with Horizon OS and vision OS in mind.

“You have moments like the ‘metaverse’ and Apple’s Vision Pro release that build the hype cycle, but this is something that speaks to the infrastructure of VR as an industry going forward,” Illenberger says. “You weren’t going to have 15 different operating systems for 15 different devices. That isn’t sustainable.”

VRdirect is a no-code Virtual Reality software that enables enterprises to create Virtual Reality projects on their own. 

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