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How to let a Guest User try your Apple Vision Pro

You can use its Guest User feature to share your Apple Vision Pro with others and control which apps they can use. Apple describes how in a support document, but notes that Apple Vision Pro Light Seal and head bands are fitted for you, your guest might not experience an optimal fit if they share these components. 

You can help your guest find a better fit by letting them try both the Solo Knit and Dual Loop Bands. Once that’s done, here’s how to proceed:

Decide how much access you want your guest to have, then start a Guest User session

Before you start a Guest User session, it’s a good idea to decide whether you want your guest to have access to all apps and data on your Apple Vision Pro, or limit access to only the apps that are open.

If you want to limit access to apps

  1. Make sure that your Apple Vision Pro has a passcode set. 
  2. Close any apps that you don’t want your guest to use.
  3. Open any apps that you want to make available to your guest.

Start a Guest User session

  1. Look up, then tap the check near the top of your view to open Control Center.
  2. Tap the Control Center button to see more options.
  3. Tap the Guest User button (a blank face inside a circle with broken lines).
  4. In the Guest User window that appears, tap Allowed Apps.
  5. Choose Open Apps Only if you want to limit access, or choose All Apps & Data.
  6. Tap the back button, then tap View Mirroring if you want to see what your guest is seeing while using Apple Vision Pro. Select a device from the menu that appears.
  7. Tap the back button, then tap Start. A notification appears letting you know that you have five minutes to hand your device to your guest. If your guest doesn’t put on Apple Vision Pro within five minutes, Guest User turns off and Apple Vision Pro locks.

Have your guest put on Apple Vision Pro

When your guest puts on Apple Vision Pro, they might first be asked to press and hold the Digital Crown until the displays align and a green check mark appears. Then your guest will be asked to go through hand and eye setup so that Apple Vision Pro responds accurately to their input.

When hand and eye setup are complete, your guest can begin using your Apple Vision Pro.

End a Guest User session

When your guest is finished using Apple Vision Pro, they can simply take off the device to end the Guest User session. The next time you put on Apple Vision Pro, it returns automatically to your personal hand and eye settings.

What’s available during a Guest User session

When your guest is using your Apple Vision Pro, they have access to all apps and data on the device, or just the apps you’ve allowed. When a guest uses an allowed app, they have access to all the information in that app. For example, if they use the Music app and you’re signed in to Apple Music, your guest can see your playlists, favorite songs, and recently played music.

Even if you allow access to all apps and data, your guest can’t access these sections of the Settings app:

  • Apple ID
  • Persona
  • Wallet & Apple Pay

Your guest can access some convenient settings in Control Center:

  1. Open Control Center.
  2. Tap the Accessibility button next to Guest User.
  3. In the menu that appears, your guest can choose to change accessibility settings, redo their eye or hand setup, and learn more about Guest User and privacy. Any accessibility settings that your guest configures will not affect your accessibility preferences.
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