How to find vacation rental management software compatible with Apple devices

Are you thinking of starting your vocational rental management business any time soon? Then, you need reliable, intuitive, and self-explanatory software that is compatible with your Apple devices. 

short-term rental management software can ease your day when you have to check your bookings, deal with guests and their queries, and answer on time. 

Read the blog post ahead. It will help you find easy-to-use and compatible software that lets you synchronize airbnb calendar with your Apple device. Then, decide whether you want to buy such a tool or not. 

Otherwise, you’re free to research more until you find the right answers for improving the functionality and compatibility of rental property management software. 

So, without further dilly-dallying, let’s dive into the post below. 

How to find compatible rental management software with Apple devices?

Many tools are available online that are compatible with Apple devices. However, it confuses new players in the market to know if the tool is really compatible with all of the existing Apple devices or not. 

Thus, read the pointers below. These are what you get in the Apple devices when you are using the most reliable short-term rental management software to increase your profits whether for a single or 100+ rental properties. 

These pointers are:

  • Anywhere accessibility:

Access the software to manage your properties from anywhere to enjoy a flexible work-life balance. 

  • Let’s you manage multiple properties on your Apple device:

Manage 1 or 100s of rental properties from a single software at no hidden cost or unnecessary maintenance charges. Become the pioneer of rental property management business in an area with added advantage and cost optimisation. 

  • Seamless reservation and booking system:

Create, edit, and manage all bookings in a single interface, be it new or existing ones. Receive timely alerts on your Apple devices whenever there is a new booking to great the visitors on time. 

  • Manage and edit calendars:

Leverage the calendar to supervise and manage booking from there directly. 

Check which days and periods are booked and have no more availability for new bookings directly from your Apple phones, iPads, Macs, etc. Filter the view of your bookings on the calendar based on dates, weeks, or months. 

  • Integrate your existing listing in one place:

Get all your listing information in a single interface. That means you will get notified on new bookings from different channels and listings at once. This will help you avoid duplicate or overriding bookings. 

  • Resolve queries on the software:

Send automated or canned responses to the most common queries by your traveler, tenants, or vendors. That way you will not miss catering to their needs and improve the brand value and positioning at the same time. 

5 Tips for managing rental property management software on your Apple device:

  • Connect the software with all your devices:

Log onto your Apple devices with the same ID first. Share the files on iCloud or the rental property management software. View the reach tab of the software on the chosen device whenever you browse for unified information to fetch quickly. 

  • Get a partial screenshot:

Press Shift, Command and 4 together on your Apple device to take the partial screenshot of the information on the software. Share it in multiple formats quickly to vendors, tourists, tenants, or any other stakeholder. 

When you draw a box around the screenshot, it helps you convert the file into a PNG one. Then, you can easily send emails as canned responses to the stakeholder who wants an update of sorts on their bookings.

  • Rename existing property files at once:

Do you have a lot of property photos which you want to rename and reorder as per the location? Just open the concerned folder on your Mac device. Select all the files at once. Click rename and enter the details to change the names of all files in sequence at once. 

Then, you can share the files with the concerned tenant, vendor, or client without having to worry about the accurate photos for a single property. 

  • Connect to the software with the iPhone’s hotspot:

You can now connect your Apple phone with other devices through its hotspot option. So, if you’re having an internet connection issue, don’t worry. 

You can still review the details like alerts, notifications, and new bookings on the other device by connecting one another with the hotspot. 

However, ensure you’re online on both devices, or both Apple devices have the same account. It will help you connect seamlessly without interruption afterwards.

If you to connect to the software on Mac with iPhone’s Wi-Fi that is also possible. Find the Wi-Fi created by your iPhone and check its password by reviewing its settings on the phone.

Then, connect to the Wi-Fi from the Mac after entering the same password. 

  • Set up a guest account on your Mac/iPad to give access:

You might be traveling and your employees needs to view the super admin access of the rental property management software. Don’t go on describing them where to click. Share your Apple screen and enter another person’s Apple ID you’re trying to connect with. 

They will get the notification on whether they want to view your screen. Once permission is granted from both ends, you can control their screen or they can view yours.


The blog above covered the topics on what must the compatible rental property management software have for connecting it to the Apple device. We also wrote about the ways to connect the software to different Apple devices for increasing the functionality and user experience as a business owner of a vocational rental management business. 

If you’re looking for such a software, do your research. Each software might have different functionality and feature that might or might not be compatible with modern Apple devices. 

Check it and evaluate different Apple devices. Also, check the prices of the entire software online. Once you’re sure of the type of the rental property management software to use, only then make the purchase and start using it. 

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