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“Hey, Siri – Flush the toilet!”: HomeKit support for Kohler’s $8,000 intelligent toilet

CES is usually full of announcements that make you shake your head, and this is one of them. Kohler has announced that the Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet — which is estimated to cost a cool $8,000 — will support Apple’s HomeKit home automation toolkit and even listen to Siri commands.

The headline for this post is a bit of a stretch; Kohler reps are saying that Apple owners can ask Siri to heat the toilet seat and control the color and intensity of the lighting on the pricey loo. The Numi 2.0 also works as a bidet and has the appropriate dryer functions to keep your nether region clean and dry.

There are also speakers built in that support Amazon Alexa, so you may have your choice of intelligent assistant to keep you amused on the john. If this looks like the ultimate Apple accessory that you absolutely want for your home, you might have to wait a bit; Kohler hasn’t announced final pricing or a launch date.

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