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GlassFusion 360 is great for protecting an Apple Watch (as long as it’s only 40mm)

I suspect that many Apple Watch owners are like me: fearful of scratching our expensive wearable by bumping it into something. InvisibleShield’s $39.99 GlassFusion 360 — available in black and gold versions — will make you feel a lot less fearful thanks to its polycarbonate bumper that protects the bezel of your watch from nicks and scratches, and a virtually scratch and shatter-proof hybrid glass screen protector.

The GlassFusion 360 covers the watch face while the bumper covers the edges of the smartwatch. Plus, the bumper helps keep the face protector from peeling off

Unfortunately, it’s only available for 40mm Apple Watches (such as my wife’s), not the bigger 44mm models (like mine).

Installation is a little tricky. However, I managed to install it on my wife’s Apple Watch without any trace of air bubbles. And I usually have a difficult time applying any sort of screen protector without some bubbles appearing. Once applied, the screen protector has no noticeable affect on the touch sensitivity of the display

While you probably won’t have the GlassFusion 360 on your Apple Watch all the time, it would be handy when you’re running or mowing the lawn. That’s when I’d use if IF InvisibleShield made a 44mm version.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★

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