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Former Apple engineer gets 120 days in prison for stealing company secrets

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Xiaolang Zhang, a former Apple engineer who pled guilty to stealing Project Titan (think Apple Car) trade secrets, has been sentenced to 120 days of imprisonment and three years supervised release, reports 9to5Mac

He will also pay restitution of US$146,984.00. California federal prosecutors had asked the judge for a one-year prison sentence in the case.

In July 2018 the FBI accused Zhang of the theft of trade secrets, according to documents filed with the Northern District Court of California. According to a tweet from Oakland-based crime reporter Henry K. Lee, Zhang took secret documents from Apple while on paternity leave, telling authorities that he had placed the data on his wife’s laptop. 

Zhang was charged with theft of trade secrets in the U.S. District Court for Northern California. The trade secrets involved Apple’s autonomous vehicle research; apparently, Zhang planned to give them to his new employers, the China-based XMotors.

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