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Eight unexpected iPhone uses for a student during holidays

By Michael Gorman

Do you know how many people have an iPhone? There are 728 million iPhones in use and with the launch of the new iPhone 12, the number will increase considerably. iPhones are nice, thin, easy to use and customize, and come with a special and interesting design. 

As technology develops more, so does the use of devices. Apple is continuously working on improving its technology, especially when it comes to smartphones. And as 2020 was hit by a global pandemic that shifted almost anything online, people are looking for more performant devices. 

iPhones can be of use for most students, especially during holidays when you would want to both relax and take care of your assignments ahead of time. Education will shift on mobile, as many smartphone producers are improving their technology and designing phones with larger screens. 

As a student, you can use your iPhone to enhance your learning experience and keep track of all your tasks. A paper writing service has highlighted eight unexpected iPhone uses for students during holidays and the apps that can enhance your experience. 

1. Seek by INaturalist 

When you think about the holidays, you think about relaxation, calm, coziness, and warmth. Holidays might be the best time to get creative and discover new hobbies, such as interacting constantly with nature and the wildlife that surrounds you. 

Your iPhone can help you relax and engage in discovering the world around you. You can lose yourself in this activity and find out more about fungi, insects, plants, mammals, spiders, and many more. Seek by INaturalist is a nice app that helps you scan a plant, for example, and identifies it for you. Like this you can discover more of the natural wonders, underlines the AssignmentHolic site


If you are into reading in foreign languages, then you should definitely have Whenever there is a word you do not recognize and want to know its meaning, you can check it on This app is wonderful as it has a slang dictionary and also offers you access to a nice encyclopedia. You can learn more about everything just by searching for some words on this app. 

3. Todoist 

Even though holidays should come with moments of relaxation, they also come with stress and anxiety. Some students are anxious about going home, buying presents, or sharing things about them with the rest of the family. Moreover, the period before the holiday season is pretty chaotic and you might forget some of the things you need to do. Todoist is a nice app that can give your iPhone a new job: the one of reminding yourself of your tasks. This will help you not lose track of some essential tasks you need to take care of. 

4. Voice Record Pro 

Voice Record Pro is an app that can help students record some important moments during holidays. Maybe you want to record a unique carol or just your family members. Either way, Voice Record Pro offers you the opportunity to use your iPhone to keep memories that will last forever. As Jake, a writer at a college essay writing service says, these memories are some of the most valuable ones. 

5. Headspace 

The holiday season can turn out to be an anxiety trigger for many students. They might feel overwhelmed by the academic tasks they have or just experience holiday anxiety. Financial pressure or unrealistic expectations might be some of the things that trigger it. Moreover, the commitments students have to make could become a trigger too. Headspace is the app that can make your iPhone your stress-relieving mechanism. Short sessions of guided meditation can help students feel calm in a period of chaos. 

6. Coloring Book

Another way to use your iPhone to relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety during holidays is by using it as a coloring book. There are a lot of coloring apps for adults that can soak in everyone. Coloring is a technique to relax and your iPhone allows you to do this anytime. 

7. Solo Learn 

Learning a new skill can be done during the holidays. Your iPhone can become your notebook, as many apps allow you to learn a new skill and practice it. For example, Solo Learn is an app that allows students to learn more about programming languages and also put to practice the principles they learn. 

8. Udemy and Coursera 

Sometimes, taking on a new hobby can be the thing students need during holidays. This is the time when they have more time for themselves, and their iPhone can help them develop more. Udemy and Coursera are just some of the apps you can install and expand your knowledge. Hobbies can help you relax and enter a flow state where you lose the sense of time. Photography, creative writing, or playing an instrument are just a few of the topics you will find courses on. 


Your iPhone can turn out to be the tool you need to relax and discover more about the environment during the holidays. You can learn a new skill, take on a new hobby, or just develop an existing one. Moreover, you can meditate and record some memories that will last forever. Use your iPhone to create a new experience during the holidays.

Michael Gorman is a freelance blog and assignment writer and editor from the UK who currently works for several companies that offer dissertation help and lab report help. In his free time, Michael is interested in everyday development and in writing various blog posts about all sorts of aspects of human existence in order to spread knowledge.

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