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Five Apple tools to edit and structure your content

By Frank Hamilton

At first glance, all text editors look the same, but when it comes to search, it turns out that they all have different functions. Fortunately, Apple can delight its users with powerful yet easy-to-use text editing apps. Below you will find the best tools that are suitable for different purposes, but at the same time fulfill their main purpose.

Top 5 Apple text editing tools

Despite the fact that apps for text management should allow you to create and edit it, there are other necessary functions that most users cannot do without. Below you will find just such apps that will not only allow you to take notes but are also suitable for those who need tools for educational or professional purposes.

iA Writer


  • Full functionality for text editing.
  • Text preview in HTML mode.
  • The app always stays updated.


  • The application is paid.

Usually, text editors are not famous for an interesting interface, but this is not about this app. This app is suitable for more serious writing purposes than short texts or notes. Here you can create HTML text, play with fonts, and change the length of each line.

An interesting feature of the tool is the ability to focus on the current sentence or paragraph so as not to be distracted. Another competitive advantage is instant updates from the developers.



  • Allows you to store information of different types.
  • Suitable for creating social media content.
  • The ability to quickly navigate through records and export data.


  • The app is both paid and free. The free version does not have advanced export options and themes.

This app is suitable for both taking notes and publications on social networks. Since the tool allows you to save scraps of information, add images, links, and other files, this is a great tool for anyone working with text on a professional level.

Also, this app is suitable for college essay writing service professionals or for students working on their essays. There is a function for linking notes, so as not to miss drafts that you prepared on the same topic. You can also export all notes and attachments in the app. In addition to these possibilities, you can make the process of creating text fun. For this, there are all kinds of backgrounds and colors for fonts.



  • Automation technology and sync with all other applications.
  • Markdown support, text preview in HTML mode.


  • The paid version provides more functionality than the free version.

Of course, this app does not fit the canons of the usual text editor, as it allows you to do much more. A feature of this tool is that any text that you write here can be sent via SMS, email, or posted on social media.

This tool can sync with all apps that work with text. Perhaps this editor will not allow you to write a dissertation, but for this, there is a  custom dissertation writing service or GoogleDocs. This is a great app for those who constantly work with text and need to take notes. Automating the app will make it easy to send texts to your main text editor.



  • Sufficient functionality for creating and editing plain text.
  • Synchronization of the app with iCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox.


  • You have to pay to get color themes.

It is an easy-to-use but effective app for creating and basic text editing. There is nothing supernatural here, but there is everything you need to work on the text. You can change the font, line length, and so on.

But perhaps the most important feature is the ability to synchronize with Google Drive and other applications. This allows you to work with text on your gadget on the go and then finish work on your PC. But the app is also suitable for full-fledged work with plain text.



  • The ability to edit the text in a convenient and familiar format.
  • The ability for collective work.


  • No syntax checking.

This application resembles old text editors, making it accessible to all users. It has all the necessary functions for creating and editing text, but there is no Markdown. Perhaps this disadvantage is an obstacle to creating voluminous texts. But the tool is quite suitable for creating short texts, cards, and so on.

The advantage is that the app allows for collaboration due to the ability to support iCloud. The tool is freely available for Apple, iPad, and text pages can be opened in a web browser.

The Final Words

These apps are definitely worth your attention, as they have been tested by many users and some even have an award. Choose the one that meets all your needs and makes the process of creating text not only simple but also fascinating.

Frank Hamilton has been working as an editor at essay review service research paper writing service . He is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing and self-education. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German and English.

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