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Cord cutting continues, but is streaming really cheaper than cable?

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Cable customers are continuing to drop their services. The number of cable TV subscribers has decreased to 72.2 million from 98.7 million since 2016. But is streaming really cheaper than cable?

A study by Allconnect found the following: 

  • 85% of U.S. households have at least one video streaming service subscription.
  • The streaming industry is expected to be worth over $400 billion by 2030.
  • The number of cable TV subscribers has decreased to 72.2 million from 98.7 million in 2016.

If you subscribe to only one streaming service, the monthly cost is actually quite low compared to cable TV costs. The monthly cost with streaming starts to increase once you subscribe to more than one service at a time, which is common when considering the different content offered with each, according to Allconnect. And what of live TV?

One of the main reasons people cut the cord is because of the Live TV options available with streaming services. Platforms like Hulu and YouTube TV are becoming very popular for cord cutters because they don’t involve the extra fees common with cable. 

So which is the cheapest? 

When you consider the slew of added fees with cable and the higher overall starting prices, streaming is the cheapest option, even with the cost of an internet plan or with Live TV. 

Live TV services with streaming gives you the option to watch the channels you’d get with cable but at a base price with no added local broadcast fees. 

Read the Allconnect report for details. Allconnect is a free resource “that simplifies how you shop for internet and TV services.”

Dennis Sellers
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  • In Australia you can subscribe to all major streamers and still pay less than our cable/ satellite provider

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