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CircuitPet: Build & Code Your Own Handheld Virtual Pet Deal: only $109.99

With CircuitPet, you can have your very own virtual pet that you can take with you wherever you go!  Now, thanks to a new Apple World Today deal, you can build and code one for only US$109.99. That’s 8% off the regular price.

CircuitPet Description

CircuitPet is a DIY virtual pet similar to Tamagotchi. You can play with it, take care of it, love it and help it grow! Unlike other pets, you can take a break from CircuitPet. But even a digital pet can break down if you leave it without love for too long. Don’t let your duckie rust! Check-in every once in a while to make sure it has everything it needs to be happy. CircuitPet comes with 6 pre-loaded mini-games so you can collect XP while keeping your pet happy at the same time.

Bring your digital pet to life and learn STEMS alongside. No prior knowledge needed!

  • DIY virtual pet. Similar to Tamagotchi; build & code your own handheld virtual pet
  • Always on. You can take a break but don’t forget to check in every once in a while
  • 6 pre-loaded mini-games. Collect XP, keep your pet happy & level up your character
  • STEM. Learn coding & programming as well as soldering and more

Easy-to-Follow Instructions

  • Anatomy guide. Learn about parts that make CircuitPet work
  • Build guide. Step–by–step guide with 100+ photos
  • Usage guide. Tips & tricks on how to use CircuitPet
  • Coding guide. Beginner–friendly with detailed instructions

Build CircuitPet and learn STEM

Hardware Skills

  • Soldering & hardware assembly
  • RTC (real-time clocks)
  • Microcomputers and other electronic components
  • TFT LCD displays

Coding Skills

  • Coding in C++ & CircuitBlocks
  • Low power & always-on technology
  • Embedded programming
  • Video game mechanics

CircuitPet Specs

  • Color: yellow
  • Materials: plastics, electronic components, magnetic speaker, electronic circuit boards, metal nuts, bolts, spacers
  • Dimensions: 8.3″H x 5.9″L x 2″W
  • Weight: 10.58oz
  • For ages 11+
  • Difficuilty: intermediate
  • Pre-loaded games: 6
  • Build time: 3hrs (approx)
  • Made in EU
  • Manufacturer’s 1-year warranty

The Deal Includes

  1. Main circuit board
  2. Acrylic casing
  3. Lanyard
  4. Pushbuttons
  5. Metal bolts
  6. Brass spacers
  7. Black buttoncaps
  8. RGB LED
  9. Piezzo buzzer
  10. Li-Po battery
  11. Female pin header
  12. Male pin header
  13. Display board


  • Ships to US
  • Expected Delivery: Oct 1-7

Terms of the Deal

All sales final.

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