Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Caturday: Casey, feline commander of the iMac!

It’s all in the timing. Sometimes we Mac-loving cat toys catch our furry buddies in the act of doing something that looks so human… In this case, Casey looks like he’s checking out settings to make sure they’re correct, but he’s actually more interested in a fly that’s landed on top of the iMac. Here’s the scoop from Casey’s loving human, Maryann Trozzo:

This is Casey who was adopted from the LASPCA in Long Beach, Ca in November of 2013. He is now a little over 2 years old. He is the most charming of kitties, he comes when we call him and loves to play and chase treats. About a year ago I was working on a family members old iMac. A fly that got into the house landed on the top of the monitor and the resulting pictured happened. He look like he is studying what is on the screen, but you can barely see the tiny fly sitting on top. I hope you can download these pictures from Facebook. I also included a second picture of this pretty boy.

Maryann is one of those amazing people who has taken a kitty from an uncertain future at an animal shelter and given it a life, receiving lots of love in return. Maryann says that:

For three months no one wanted to adopt him because he had digestive issues. We decided to take a chance. It took us a couple of months to straighten things out but he is wonderful he’s like a dog, he comes when we call him chirping all the way. He’s also a purr monster and he loves the ladies. Although he’s good with my husband.

My husbands last name is Jones. And he likes trains. Casey purrs like a freight train. Thus we came up with Casey “Trozzo” Jones.


If you need some companionship, someone to make you laugh, or a buddy to be with you when you’re working away on your Mac or iPad, you can save a life and gain a lot of love by visiting your local animal shelter.

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Thanks and a loud purr to Casey and Maryann

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