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iPhone rules the mobile podcast world

A report from Clammr today shows a remarkable statistic: 82 percent of all mobile podcast listening is done on iPhone, with most listeners using Apple’s default Podcast app. Clammr is a platform used by podcasters to create short audio snippets of shows that can be sent out via social media.

The report shows that fragmentation and lack of a podcast directory is limiting podcasting growth on the Android platform, while Apple’s vertically integrated combination of hardware (the iPhone), the App Store, iTunes, and the Podcast app make it simple for iPhone users to discover and enjoy podcasts.

What’s remarkable is that most iPhone podcast listeners choose to use the Podcast app despite having a choice of many much more usable apps on the App Store. 78 percent of listeners use the Podcast app, mainly because the App Store pushes users to that app as a default podcast playback system.

The report also showed that despite a majority of the US population having access to the technology enablers needed to listen to mobile on-demand audio, podcasting needs to become even more discoverable and podcasters need a way to monetize their work. The number of people becoming aware of podcasting has reached an all-time high, but there are still significant challenges to ubiquitous adoption. 



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