Apple’s Mac could dominate the AI-capable personal computer market

Apple could be a leader when it comes to developing artificial intelligence-capable personal computers.

Apple could be the leader when it comes to developing artificial intelligence-capable personal computers. 

The boom in generative AI (artificial intelligence) was a watershed moment for the technology industry. Personal computers are the central tool with which businesses and consumers approach modern productivity and leisure, and they’re now set to undergo a significant transformation in both hardware and software capability to enable the next wave of large-scale AI usage, according to the Canalys research group.

The research group projects that 60% of personal computers shipped in 2027 will be AI-capable. Canalys says that a new generation of AI-enabled PCs will transform the way we work. 

“A hybrid of cloud and on-device computing will enable people to increase their productivity and unleash their creativity, driving a paradigm shift toward the era of the ‘AI PC,’ which will greatly improve performance, security and personalization,” notes the research group.

As for Apple, the tech giant introduced AI integration with its M1 Neural Engine in the fourth quarter of  2020. By the second quarter of 2023, with the upcoming M3 series and Intel’s exit from Mac products, Apple became the first wholly AI-capable PC manufacturer. And, driven by Apple’s aggressive integration of Neural Engines, the AI-capable PC market witnessed shipments exceeding five million units in quarter four of 2023.

Dennis Sellers
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