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Apple reportedly eliminating some retail store positions

At the end of April, Apple plans to eliminate such retail store positions as business manager, business events lead, events coordinator, and events lead according to MacRumors, quoting an unnamed “source who shared the company’s plans.” Sources within the company, not authorized to speak on Apple’s behalf, have confirmed the reorganization in some stores with AppleInsider.

MacRumors’ source says that the elimination of the business manager position is “something of a shock” because they lead the Business Team and are responsible for bringing in up to 20% of overall store sales. 

“These managers have established relationships with various small and medium businesses in their markets,” said the source. “Their position is highly specialized and often times not easily understood by retail leadership who do not have experience in B2B sales.” Existing managers, senior managers, store leaders, and market leaders are currently unfamiliar with the “complex sales cycles involved with B2B engagements,” so Apple’s retail change could have a significant impact on business sales. 

Employees who now hold positions that are being eliminated have been told they can take a lower level/lower paying position or take two months of severance pay. Apple has 493 retail stores in 22 countries and an online store available in 39 countries.

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