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Apple Original Films’ ‘Argylle’, which premiers Friday, getting bashed by critics

Matthew Vaughn’s "Argylle,” the third Apple Original Films movie to go wide in cinemas, spied an estimated US$35.3 million global debut through Sunday, including $17.3 million from 78 international box office markets.

Apple Original Films’ “Argylle” premiers in theaters on Friday, Feb. 2, before eventually streaming on Apple TV+. However, the first round of reviews haven’t been kind.

About ‘Argylle’

The film comes from director and producer Matthew Vaughn. “Argylle” follows the globetrotting adventures of super-spy Argylle (Cavill) across the U.S., London and other exotic locations, featuring a cast including Henry Cavill, Bryce Dallas Howard, Sam Rockwell, Bryan Cranston, Catherine O’Hara, John Cena, Dua Lipa, Ariana DeBose and Samuel L. Jackson. I’m sure Apple hopes this will launch a franchise.

Directed by Vaughn, “Argylle” is based on a script written by Jason Fuchs. The film is produced by Cloudy Productions and Vaughn’s regular collaborators Adam Bohling and David Reid, as well as Fuchs. Zygi Kamasa, Carlos Peres, Claudia Vaughn and Adam Fishbach serve as executive producers.

About those reviews

Here’s what some critics have to say about “Argylle”:

° From USA Today: “The movie disappoints by fumbling away most of its wins and piling on double- and triple-crosses and other trappings of a bespoke espionage world.”

° From Inverse: “It’s a nesting doll of a movie — a glib, winking, referential spy comedy that layers twist upon twist on top of each other to hide the fact there’s nothing at the center.”

° From Newsday: “It all feels overly familiar, but the main problem with “Argylle” is that we never care about the characters.”

° From the BBC: “Everywhere you look, there are details that need to be added, plot holes that need to be filled, and jokes that need to be improved.”

° From The Hollywood Reporter: “It all starts to feel like one of those very expensive, very elaborate commercials for a pseudo-luxury product you don’t want to buy — a perfume perhaps, or some car.”

° From Variety: “By the time an end-credits flashback tries to surprise-contextualize all that’s come before, the pattern has left our eyes irreparably crossed.”

However, there is a smattering of good reviews:

° From Consequence: “While this premise might be as familiar as an old sweater, it’s enhanced by the ways in which director Matthew Vaughn incorporates his signature artful violence, delivering 2024’s first truly enjoyable action film. (It’s not even February yet, but still.)”

° From Empire: “Flashy, fun and light on its feet, Argylle papers over its cracks with twist upon twist — and charming performances from its central duo.”

° From the UK Independent: “Despite the barefaced cynicism, choppy CGI, and aggressive number of celebrity cameos, Argylle walks away from its own narrative snake pit looking relatively unpunctured.”

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