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Apple gains approval to sell energy through its Apple Energy subsidiary

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has approved the wholesale selling of energy, capacity and other services needed to maintain reliable power by Apple Energy LLC, a subsidiary of Apple, Inc. 

The company can sell power from the site’s solar panels and hydrogen fuel cells, as well as from solar farms, hydroelectric plants and biogas facilities in Oregon, North Carolina, California, Nevada and Arizona, according to a June 6 application submitted by Apple to the agency. 

Last year, Apple began planning an $850 million, 130-megawatt, 1,300-acre solar farm in Monterey, California with the purpose of generating power to support Apple’s existing and future infrastructure. Apple Energy has additional, though smaller, projects in Nevada and Arizona.

Apple Energy LLC is registered in Delaware. The company was apparently formed to allow Appleto sell excess electricity generated by its solar farms in Cupertino and Nevada, with plans to sell electricity across the whole of the U.S., the article adds.

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