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Apple CEO Tim Cook guests on ‘GMA’ to discuss the Vision Pro

Michael Strahan and Tim Cook.

This morning on “GMA,” co-anchor Michael Strahan spoke with Apple CEO Tim Cook live from the 5th Avenue store location about the long-awaited new Apple Vision Pro.  You can watch the interview here, but following are some highlights:

Tim Cook on the new Apple Vision Pro:
“I think’s going to be used in so many different ways because it’s a spatial computer. You know, the iPhone introduced us to the mobile computer. The Mac introduced us to personal computers. This is the first spatial computer. People are going to interact with it in different ways. Some people will connect with it with FaceTime. Some people will train on it. Surgeons will train on it. The number of use cases is like a computer. It’s just enormous. There’s over 1 million apps for it already.”

“So we’ve been working on this for years. To get the gestures down, there’s a lot of artificial intelligence, machine learning built into the product to get hand gesture, to get room mapping. This stuff requires very deep machine learning. And we couldn’t be more proud of it. A company only has a few of these. Most companies have none. We’ve had the Mac, the iPod, the iPad, the iPhone, the apple watch, now the Vision Pro. It’s one of those moments.”

Cook on how the Apple Vision Pro knows what the user is doing with their hands:  
“There’s many cameras in it. We’re always looking at the hands. They don’t have to be up here so it’s not uncomfortable. You can put them in your lap and you can select. With your eye you select the app that you want to open and with your hand, open it. It is magical. It really is. I know that’s a word that we use a lot. But it is truly magical.” 

Cook on the Apple Vision Pro costing $3,500
“It’s tomorrow’s technology today, is the way I think about it. It’s packed with, we have 5,000 patents on the product already. So we really leaned into it. And I’m hoping some people will pay for it by month, some people will just buy it. I have talked to a lot of people on line, they’re just going to buy it. But over time, who knows what will happen. But we think we priced it for the right value today.”
Cook on whether the Apple Vision Pro will further disconnect users:  
“I would say no. You don’t have to immerse yourself. It can augment your reality. And so, you and I can be sitting here having a conversation with the headset on and we can see each other’s eyes. But we can also see the screens around us. So it am amplifies our connection. That was a key design for us. We wanted people to be able to see each other’s eyes, not get glazed over in a headset.”

Additionally, ABC News’ correspondent Will Reeve gives viewers an exclusive first look at the special experience that Apple is rolling out in stores across the United States, and tried the Apple Vision Pro himself ahead of its debut, which he describes as “looking into the future.”

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