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Apple buys the Beddit sleep tracking hardware/software company

Beddit, known for its sleep tracking hardware and software, has been scooped up by Apple. The deal was quietly announced through an update to Beddit’s privacy policy — as noted by AppleInsider.

Users were alerted to the change when Beddit updated its iOS app. The alert says: “Beddit has been acquired by Apple. Your personal data will be collected, used and disclosed in accordance with the Apple Privacy Policy.”

Beddit’s $149.95 3 Sleep Monitor (pictured) automatically tracks your sleep and works with the Beddit app on your iPhone or iPad to help you achieve better sleep. It’s completely ambient so there’s no need to wear or charge it. The thin, flexible, and soft sensor is purportedly unnoticeable when placed under the sheet on top of the mattress. 

It senses and automatically begins tracking when you lie down on the bed—collecting and analyzing sleep-related data such as sleep time and efficiency, heart rate, respiration, temperature, movement, snoring, room temperature, and room humidity. The Beddit app delivers personalized insights and customizable sleep coaching to help you improve your sleep. In addition, the Beddit SmartAlarm is designed to “provide the most accurate method of detecting the optimal time to awaken you from sleep.”

Terms of the acquisition haven’t been made public.

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