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Analyst: Apple likely to bring back $200 billion of its $252 billion foreign cash trove

In a note to clients — as noted by 9to5Mac — the GBH research firm says Apple is is likely to take advantage of the tax break on repatriated overseas cash to bring back around $200 billion of its $252 billion foreign cash hoard. Here’s part of their prediction:

With Apple & Cook set to repatriate roughly $200 billion of cash based on our estimates we believe accelerated buybacks, another dividend hike, and potentially larger M&A will be the trifecta of benefits shareholders could expect to see in 2018.

The burning question on the Street’s mind is does Cook make a big bet with this infusion of cash and do a larger deal (e.g. Netflix) to catalyze and jump start its streaming video/content business.

Dennis Sellers
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