An ‘Apple Glove” could be a ‘finger-mounted device with sensors and haptics’

Apple has filed for another patent (number 20210055799) that involves a “finger-mounted device with sensors and haptics” that involve an “Apple Glove” (my words, not Apple’s) with finger-mounted units that could be used in conjunction with the rumored “Apple Glasses” or even a Mac.

In the patent filing, the Apple Glove could detect user hand motion that could be used in controlling electronic equipment. However, Apple says that the use of wearable devices to gather input for controlling electronic equipment can pose challenges. If care is not taken, a device such as a glove may affect the ability of a user to feel objects in the user’s surroundings, may be uncomfortable to use, or may not gather suitable input from the user. Apple wants its accessory to overcome such limitations.

The finger-mounted units may hold components such as force sensors, accelerometers, and other sensors and for haptic output devices. They could be built from deformable material such as metal or may be formed from adjustable structures such as sliding body portions that are coupled to each other using magnetic attraction, springs, or other structures. 

The body of each finger-mounted unit may have a U-shaped cross-sectional profile that leaves the finger pad of each finger exposed when the body is coupled to a fingertip of a user’s finger. Control circuitry may gather finger press input, lateral finger movement input, and finger tap input using the sensors and may provide haptic output using the haptic output device.

Dennis Sellers
the authorDennis Sellers
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