Apple’s future technology is related to the educational progress of American students

By Daniel Tenderman

The technology we have available to us has a huge impact on the way we live our lives. There are very few areas of daily life that are not affected by technological progress in some way or another.

Agriculture, business, and even romance are constantly subject to technological innovation. Education is no different and has been subjected to great change over the past few decades on account of the rise of computing and the internet. Apple has had an unprecedented contribution in this field, and its advancements are going a long way to shape the future of education.

The foundation of all these technological advancements is ongoing scientific breakthroughs in the world of computing. Understanding the scientific research and progress underlying technological advancements is key to understanding how the future of education will look. Many examples of scientific essays can be found at https://gradesfixer.com/free-essay-examples/ for students who are curious to learn more on this topic. Writing an essay on the topic is the perfect way to combine the topics of education and technology. 

Many an essay sample that focuses on the relationship between evolving technology and its role in shaping education chooses to look at the contribution of major tech players such as Apple, as they play such a pivotal role in shaping the innovation of tech culture. All American students who wish to understand how the future of their education will be shaped by technology should get to grips with Apple’s major innovations. 

What technologies have impacted education?

Education progress over recent decades has been impacted by a number of technologies, many of which we owe to Apple. Notable contributions include: 

  1. GUI: The graphic user interface, or GUI, completely changed the way people interact with their computers. Apple’s introduction of the GUI into commercial computers meant that the average user no longer had to work with lines of computerised text and code, but could navigate their computer using graphics and a mouse.
  2. The iMac: The iMac is an iconic piece of technology known for its large screen and impressive graphic displays. These computers are the industry standard for creatives and have become a mainstay of many classrooms. Both in school and college, it’s common practice for students to harness the iMac during any course that focuses on graphics or subjects related to design.
  3. The iPad: Since its first release in 2010, the iPad has completely changed personal technology. An incredibly versatile piece of technology, the iPad can essentially function as both a phone and a personal computer. Many university students use them as a digital notebook, as they are lightweight and easy to carry around campus. They are also a favourite with teachers, who often use them in the classroom as they are easy to pass around and share among students. 
  4. The App Store: Available on every apple device, the App Store has become an invaluable marketplace of ideas where digital creators and software developers can offer their innovations to the world. The App Store is the key to many revolutionary technologies that have impacted how modern learning works. 

Apple’s effect on US education

The cultural influence of Apple’s innovations on students in the USA is hard to overstate. Apple has given rise to the era of personal computing, with Macs, iPhones, and iPads introducing an era of portability when it comes to computing. 

This has afforded students the opportunity for studying remotely, access resources, and seek help with improving their grades for free and in the comfort of their own homes. Students are now able to access the top tools for academic writing and exam prep no matter where they are, with web resources like https://phoneia.com/en/the-influence-of-technology-on-studying-process/ . The rise of remote access to study materials has had a greatly democratising effect on US education, as geographic location and economic privilege become less important. 

How has education changed, and what is the role of modern technologies? 

Education has become far more open, and methods of learning are constantly subject to experimentation. Some of the most important technologies to keep an eye on for the future of technology include: 

  • Virtual and augmented reality 
  • Digital research databases
  • Machine learning and AI
  • E-Learning platforms
  • Interactive classroom materials 
  • Remote classrooms and online conferences

The impacts of technological innovation can be felt throughout the US education system. It has afforded students greater accessibility, flexibility, and personalisation in the way they learn. Apple has played a large role in this, and the future of their innovation will go lengths in shaping the further development of education in the USA. 

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