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Have you ever wished that your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch didn’t give out your location information all the time? Sometimes you may want to appear to be somewhere far away from your current location, whether that’s for personal reasons or just for fun. That’s what iToolab AnyGo for Mac is all about.

AnyGo for Mac from iToolab “spoofs” the location where you are so that your iOS or iPadOS device appears to be in another location. I’ll discuss a number of use cases for AnyGo for Mac, but why not try it for yourself? Download a free trial of the app, and if you find yourself using it, purchase a license starting at just $9.95 per month or get a lifetime of service for just $59.95.

Even better, use promo code ANYGOWEB50 and take 50% off of any license!

Curious? Check out this short video:

Use Cases for AnyGo

Some of the reasons you’d want to use AnyGo are just plain fun!

  • Spoof to anywhere in LBS (Location Based Service) games without actually moving or walking
  • Easily access any videos, music, movies and services that may be restricted to you based on your location
  • Share a virtual location on social media to trick your friends
  • Easily test LBS and games
  • Easily hide your location from apps and services
  • Set your real location if GPS is unavailable

AnyGo is perfect for anyone who likes Pokemon Go! Regardless of your location or weather, you can show up virtually anywhere on Planet Earth and capture those Pokemon.

Make your friends envious of all the traveling they think you’re doing, when you’re actually at home! When you use any app that takes advantage of your GPS location, they’ll “see” you at another location. Fake location on WhatsApp, Swarm, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and other location-based apps.

Dating? You may find that being in one location locks you into seeing the same dating profiles in Tinder or Facebook Dating. Spoof those apps with a different location — say, across town from where you live — and you can increase the number of dating profiles.

There are many more uses for AnyGo for Mac. The best way to get an idea of other use cases is to download the app for free, or purchase it securely from iToolab. Just remember to use promo code ANYGOWEB50 to get 50% off of any license!

An Example of Using AnyGo for Mac

I really hate it when my friends think that all I do is sit around and work, so I can use AnyGo for Mac to show them that I’m actually taking a break and hiking a local trail.

Launching AnyGo for Mac highlights my location on the map as a blue pulsing dot.

Displaying location on a map

I don’t want to just magically appear at the hiking trailhead, so I can use AnyGo’s Two-Spot Mode to simulate a drive. I click the Two-Spot Mode button on the AnyGo map, then enter the destination and a driving speed.

AnyGo for Mac two-spot route

One of the only negative points of this app right now is its insistence on using metric units — there is not a way to change to English units (miles, feet). However, it does allow speeds of up to 100km/h (62mph). I also would like to be able to use satellite images as a map background.

Once I click Go, my virtual “car” starts driving along city streets to the destination. From the point of view of my friends watching on the iOS Find My app, I’m driving to the trailhead (see image below).

Two-spot mode used for driving between two points.

When I get to the trailhead and “park” my virtual car, I can mark out my hike on the trail. This uses what is called “Multi-Spot Mode”, where one can set up a bunch of waypoints in the AnyGo app, then appear to move between them.

In the image below, I set up my waypoints and then set out on my virtual hike at a nice 3 mile per hour (1.4 m/s) pace. I’m sure my friends were all envious that I was out on this nice day, hiking up to a local viewpoint.

AnyGo for Mac spoofs a hike on a trail

Teleport Mode

Want to keep a pesky friend off of your trail? Use AnyGo for Mac to set your location somewhere other than where you actually are by clicking the “Teleport” Mode button — it’s the one that looks like a “target” in the button bar in the top right of the AnyGo screen. 

Even better is that AnyGo can show you moving along paths that you set. Two-Spot and Multi-Spot modes provide this power. 

AnyGo for Mac Two-Spot Mode

With Two-Spot Mode, all you need to do is set up a starting and ending location, then AnyGo does the work of creating a route on streets in your area. Your speed can be set to make it appear that you’re driving at sane, legal speeds on either city streets, freeways, or country roads.

This is what I used in my example of driving to the trailhead.

Multi-Spot Mode

Two-Spot Mode can only be used on mapped streets, but Multi-Spot Mode is much more flexible.

Anywhere on a map is fair game. Want your acquaintances to believe that you’re hiking a mountain trail in a park, or taking a rowboat out on a lake? Set up to 100 spots in Multi-Spot Mode, choose a speed that’s more suited to walking or rowing, and they’ll “see” you moving along if they’re following your location.

In my earlier example, this is what I used to take my virtual hike.

Import GPX Files

A unique feature of iToolab AnyGo for Mac is the ability to import GPX files. What does that mean? Think of creating a route through any city or place, capturing the speed, time, elevation, and other data with a GPS receiver. That route is saved in a GPX file and by loading it into AnyGo for Mac, it appears as if you and your iPhone are following the route!

For example, you can download GPX files for many popular hikes, and friends see you trudging along the path when the file is run through AnyGo for Mac. One of the more intriguing uses of GPX files is to take you through popular Pokemon Go areas so you can collect more Pokemon!

Import a GPX file into iToolab AnyGo for Mac

I’m sitting in my comfortable office in Colorado, but as far as my iPhone is concerned, it’s currently in Kyoto, Japan on a route with 406 Pokestops (see image above). I never needed to update my passport, buy an airline ticket to Japan, ride a Shinkansen bullet train to Kyoto, and then walk around the city to visit those Pokestops. Thank you, AnyGo for Mac!

As you can see, AnyGo for Mac can be fun and useful. Remember to take advantage of our special promo code ANYGOWEB50 and take 50% off of an AnyGo license.

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