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You can grade this MacBook stand on a Curve (SE)

By Dennis Sellers (with an assist from Steve Sande)

If you have a MacBook of any sort, you may find looking down at the screen to be uncomfortable. That’s why MacBook stands that elevate the device above a desk or table are so popular, making it simple for anyone to have a MacBook screen at the proper ergonomic height while using an external keyboard and mouse/trackpad for data entry. Twelve South’s Curve SE, a US$59.99 matte white aluminum stand, is one of the best such accessories.

“Desktop accessories – especially MacBook stands – are inherently home decor. They should match your room, your style, your desk and complement (not copy) your MacBook,” says Twelve South founder Andrew Green. “Our latest solution, while deceptively simple, is a beautiful matte white MacBook stand we call Curve SE.”

The Curve isn’t made to prop up a Mac laptop so you can type on the keyboard. Instead, you’ll use an accessory keyboard and trackpad/mouse with the laptop on the stand. Rather than looking down at the screen of the MacBook, the display is now elevated to the point that your spine is perpendicular to the floor — a very comfortable and posture-correct way of looking at the screen

The Curve SE is extremely stable and doesn’t vibrate even if you’re typing on a nearby keyboard. The screen height of my 16-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar was perfect when it was sitting on the Curve SE. I’m using it with Apples Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard for comfortable working situation.

Even with the MacBook Pro off of the Curve, the stand still looks good — almost like a piece of sculpture. I found that the space between the base and the supporting arms is perfect for holding the keyboard out of the way when it’s not in use. Also, You can also place it alongside an external display to create a dual-screen setup. I user my Curve SE with my 16-inch MacBook Pro and LG UltraFine 5K display. It’s a great set-up

And if white’s not your color, you can go for the original Curve, which comes in space grey.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★★

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