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There are hints of ‘AirPods X,’ ‘Apple TV X,’ ‘iPod Touch X’

Target’s internal inventory system appears to include a listing for “Apple Airpods (X Generation) priced at $399,” “Apple TV Gen X” for $180, “Apple iPod Touch X Generation” for $399, and “Apple Watch Series X” bands at $50, according to several reports — read more here, here, and here.

I personally think the “AirPods X” are over-the-ear headphones that will be renamed (since an over-the-ear headphone isn’t exactly a “pod”). I also don’t believe Apple will release “AirPods Pro Lite.” That said, I don’t understand why Apple would offer over-the-ear headphones with its own branding since it also owns Beats, which makes such products.

The Apple TV Gen X is probably an update of the set-top box with improved specs (such as an A12 or A13 Bionic chip) that’s targeted to subscribers of Apple Arcade, Apple’s game streaming service. 

I’m a bit dubious about a $400 iPhone Touch X Generation. The listing may be a misnamed link for the anticipated $399 “iPhone SE 2.” Or perhaps Apple is indeed introducing a higher-end iPod touch for use with Apple Arcade.

As for the Apple Watch bands, those are probably just new “flavors” of Apple-made bands for the company’s smartwatch.

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