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You light up my life: the Satechi Flexible LED Desk Lamp that is

If you need a cool desk lamp to go with your Mac desktop set-up — or anywhere else in your home or office — the Satechi: Flexible LED Desk Lamp looks good, works great, and even sports a USB port.

The US$60 device isn’t your run-of-the-mill lamp. It’s programmed with five different brightness levels to accommodate a variety of work or study conditions. it sports a touch sensitive lamp that allows you to control the level of brightness — or turn the lamp on or off — with the touch of a button. Tap the touch-sensitive control button to turn on the lamp, and hold it down to adjust the brightness. Tap again to turn the lamp off.

When it’s first turned on, the Flexible LED Desk Lamp shines at its brightest level. Press and hold down the touch-sensitive control button and the brightness level will reduce down incrementally to five levels. Once you have the appropriate (for you) amount of light, remove your finger from the touch-sensitive control button, and the lamp will remain shining at the chosen brightness level. 

The flexible, adjustable neck casts illumination in all directions. The neck can bend left, right, up, and down so you can direct light where you need it most. 

The 5V, 1.5A USB port situated in the back of the Satechi: Flexible LED Desk Lamp can be used to charge your iPhone or iPad, as well as other devices. It continues to charge when the lamp is turned off.

The lamp is eco-friendly. It only consumes eight watts of power. The folks at Satechi say that’s up to 80% less than a typical fluorescent lamp. 

Finally, it fits perfectly with any Mac or iDevice set-up. Its silver, sleek design is eye-catching in a minimalist way. You may not need a desk lamp. However, if you do, Satechi’s is one you should check out.

Dennis Sellers
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