Would you like a bigger (14-inch or more) iPad Pro?

This mock-up of a bigger iPad is courtesy of Line17.

Writing in his latest Power On newsletter, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple considered releasing a 14-inch iPad with an OLED display this year. 

He thinks those plans were abandoned due to the fact that such a display would add considerable cost to the bigger tablet. However, rumors persist that Apple is mulling the idea of a bigger tablet.

With the company touting the iPad Pro as a laptop replacement/alternative and Microsoft offering a 15-inch Surface Book, would there be a market for a 14-inch iPad Pro (an “iPad Pro Plus”)?

Of course, some folks find the 12.9-inch iPad Pro too awkward for use as a tablet. I don’t. Since I (rarely) use it instead of a laptop, an even bigger model sounds interesting.

I’d at least consider a 14-inch iPad Pro, especially if the iPadOS were revamped to make the tablet even easier to use in lieu of a Mac laptop. Would you like a bigger iPad Pro?

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Dennis Sellers
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